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A Diary of a Care Worker

Photo: Tracey DeeganTracey Deegan (31)
Care Worker
Glenview Day Care Centre, Tallaght
Employed as a care worker for 16 months
Currently a part-time student in the Healthcare Support Certificate course

9.30am The first thing I do when I arrive at Glenview is go into the main room and say hello to all the clients. Then it’s sleeves up and into the kitchen where we prepare tea and toast for everyone.

10.30am After clearing up, I organise everyone for a short exercise class. Light exercise is really important for older people to maintain their mobility and the movements involved can be done while seated. We always have a great laugh during the exercise.

11.00am Everyday we organise an activity for the clients: arts and crafts; cards or chess are some of the things we do. While these activities are happening, I do a headcount for dinner and check who has any dietary needs. I also keep busy helping some of the clients to the toilet or I take them out for a short walk.

12.30pm Serving dinner is our busiest time. Some people require assistance, and it’s always important to keep an eye on them during the meal.

1.30pm Once dinner is finished, we help clients with their coats and belongings and help them onto the bus which drops them home.

Tracey says, “I never thought I’d end up as a care worker, but I really love it. I consider some of my clients to be good friends. While I am there to assist them, they often offer me advice and tips that I value. Working as a care worker has really given me a new lease of life. I’m hoping to go on and study nursing.”